History of Churchville Volunteer Fire Department

Churchville Volunteer Fire Dept. Inc. also known today as Churchville Volunteer Fire and Rescue was established in 1959 and continues to operate to this day.

The formation of the department in 1959 occurred after a group of men living in the Churchville community became interested and concerned about fire protection in the community. Those men would soon after meet on August 6, 1959 with 15 total in attendance. The group made the decision and on September 6, 1959 Churchville Volunteer Fire Department Inc. was organized. Starting the organization with 41 members; 8 of which became officers of the organization.

Approximately a year of operation had passed and another form of help appeared. A group of ladies from the community wanted to lend a helping hand in the organization. Thus, the Churchville Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary was formed on July 21, 1960. Auxiliary members assisted with the department fundraisers and such at the beginning of their formation. Of the group of ladies 6 were elected officers of the Auxiliary.

The organization was very strong in membership and dedication. Apparatus purchases were made shortly after formation and consisted of a 1934 Dodge “Open Truck” with 30GPM front mount pump, a 1946 Chevrolet “Closed Truck” with 350GPM front mount pump, and a 1949 Cadillac ambulance. All 3 were purchased as a packaged deal from Powhatan Beach Fire Department in Maryland. For $1550.00. Interesting thing about this was the organization had no intentions of purchasing an ambulance, but the department in Maryland would not allow the purchase without them buying it.

New equipment was purchased throughout the years including new ambulances, response units, salvage truck, squad truck, tanker, fire trucks, and a utility truck. All older equipment was disposed of and or sold as new was purchased or donated. We now (2016) have 2 Sutphen Fire Engines, 1 Mack Tanker, 1 Ford Brush Truck, 1 Ford Reserve Brush Truck, 2 Ford ambulances, 1 Ford Expedition response vehicle, and 1 Chevrolet Tahoe Response unit. We are in the process of replacing one of our ambulances, engines, and brush truck. All housed in our 6 bay building.

The land the building is on was originally offered up by Randolph Siron in 1960 and cost the department $18,000. When the building was built it was nothing but 2 bays for apparatus, a kitchen area and restrooms. Overall size was 30x80 and constructed by Donald Allanson. A dedication service was held on May 27, 1962 with Dr. T.G. Shuey delivering the address. A little over a year later a “note-burning” ceremony took place in October of 1963 with Reverend Thomas E. Henderson of Loch Willow Church as the speaker. The property was expanded on several times throughout the years along with the building to what we currently have. Most recently Augusta County assisted the department in the purchase of the land to our west. Members along with community volunteers demolished and hauled away an old residential structure on the property and excavated the property to prepare for future expansion. Now (2016) we are looking to officially upgrade the building in which we have outgrown. We are making steps in the right direction and are getting close to an expansion.

This organization was formed on volunteerism and has never struggled to serve the community despite the amount of people we serve. We not only serve Churchville, but also Swoope, Staunton, Craigsville, West Augusta, Deerfield, and Mount Solon when duty calls. Augusta County does employee 2 Firefighter/EMTs whom are stationed at CVFR from 0600 to 1800; Monday-Friday. Nights and Weekends are handled by all volunteers and more often than not there are volunteers here with the Augusta County Staffing during daylight hours. We are one of the moderate stations in the county and run a significant amount of calls both Fire and EMS. Volunteers hold all officer positions within the department. Offices include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Secretary Treasurer administratively. Operationally we have the Chief, Deputy Chief, Fire Captain, Rescue Captain, 2 Fire Lieutenants, and 2 Rescue Lieutenants. Officers are elected in November of every year. The department operates on its own Bylaws and SOGs. Several committees also exist to assist in making decisions and organizing events. Our volunteers are held to the highest of standards and go above and beyond to serve the community. We strive towards excellence in everything we do and are here to serve when duty calls.

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